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ALROSA announces list of long-term clients for 2015-2017 contract period

ALROSA announces list of long-term clients for the 2015-2017 contract period. On 19-23 January, the company’s new long-term clients held their first trading session.

Full list of clients is published at the client’s website of ALROSA –

To date there are long-term agreements signed with 47 companies, 10 of them became long-term clients for the first time approved themselves as reliable partners in terms of tenders and spot sales.

The long-term agreements are the main principle of ALROSA’s sales policy; 70% of rough diamonds are sold under long-term contracts. The contracts guarantee monthly supply of goods in pre-agreed volumes and assortments, as well as an option to purchase an extra range of goods. Such kind of cooperation guarantees stable supplies of rough diamonds and provide a hedge against diamond price volatility on the diamond market. ALROSA has formed a sustainable client base consisting of the largest market participants, including diamond manufacturers and major jewellery retailers.

Every long-term client of ALROSA is strictly selected in a number of legal and financial criteria. The long-term clients must adhere to the Guidelines on Responsible Business Practices which include transparency and information disclosure, anti-corruption policy, compliance with Kimberley Process requirements and respect for human rights. Selected long-term clients are entitled to use ALROSA ALLIANCE trade mark which confirms both the signed contract for diamond supply and the client’s reputation as reliable and trusted partner.

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