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ALROSA announces Reserves and Resources in accordance with JORC Code

Based on the results of evaluation in accordance with JORC code, prepared by independent expert Micon, as at January 1, 2015 ALROSA’s resources totaled 1,077 mln cts, reserves totaled 658 mln cts.

Resources grew by 11% compared to the previous valuation as at July 2013, reserves increased by 8%.

Resources grew due to extension of evaluation perimeter: for the first time ever, resources of Verkhne-Munskoe deposit, Zaria pipe of Aikhal division, Pionerskaya pipe and Lomonosov pipe of Lomonosov division, alluvial deposits incl. AO Nizhne-Lenskoe were evaluated in accordance with JORC code.

Reserves increase is primarily associated with raised evaluation of reserves of Mir pipe and International pipe, and with inclusion of alluvial deposits incl. AO Nizhne-Lenskoe in evaluation perimeter.

ALROSA’s JORC Reserves and Resources Report is available at ALROSA’s website in the Reserves and Resources section

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