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Polished Diamonds


When selling polished diamonds wholesale, ALROSA has long-term relationships with the leading diamantaires in Belgium, Israel, the USA, India and Hong Kong

How do I enter a contract for the wholesale purchase of polished diamonds?

Complete the Registration Form and send it

You should receive a reply within 30 days of us receiving your application


What documents should we submit to be considered for a contract for wholesale purchase of polished diamonds?

Find out in our «FAQ»

What is the postal address for applications and documents?

Requirements for customers

Potential buyers (partners) must comply with the requirements as follows:

  • transparency and availability of the information about potential buyers (partners) and their activities, including: transparency of the corporate management structure, availability of the information about shareholders, management bodies;
  • reliability, financial stability, due performance of duties and obligations, operations in keeping with the rules of corporate liability for complying with the industry standards;
  • reliable business reputation of the company and its management on the market;
  • no reorganization, liquidation or bankruptcy procedures pending against the company or the grounds therefor;
  • activity of the company is not suspended in compliance with the procedure established by the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation or legislation of other states;
  • no violation of civil, tax, customs or other legislation recognized by the market conjuncture and production committee as substantial.

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