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ALROSA ALLIANCE represents our long-term customers who meet high standards of business conduct and possess a keen insight into the diamond market. All our customers with long-term agreements can use the ALROSA Alliance logo: this identifies a customer as a priority buyer of gem quality rough diamonds and a responsible business partner.

How can you join us as an ALROSA ALLIANCE customer?


Check our customer requirements

Complete the necessary document templates and send them by registered mail (with advice of receipt) to:
ALROSA Customer Policy Department, 14/3, ul. 1812 goda, 121170, Moscow, Russia

Receive a reply within 30-90 days of us receiving your forms


Our company received a notice saying we did not qualify to become long-term buyers. Does it mean that we have no chance to enter into a long-term agreement in future?

Find out in our «FAQ»

Our company currently carries out spot transactions with ALROSA for the purchase of rough diamonds. We would also like to sign a long-term agreement. How should we proceed?

Document templates

The documents to be submitted by the customers are in the Confirmation Document column of the Table of Requirements (Sections 1 – 2) in Appendix 1 to the Regulations On the Procedure and Terms of Sales of Natural Rough Diamonds by OJSC ALROSA

Appendix 2 Cover letter
Appendix 1 Table of requirements
Appendix 3 Questionairre
Appendix 4 Information on the results of processing

Requirements for customers

  • Legal capacity (including special capacity)
  • Reliable business reputation
  • Stable financial status
  • Experience in trade in natural rough diamonds and their end products
  • Solvency level sufficient to perform obligations to pay for purchased rough diamonds
Appendix 1 Table of requirements

United Selling Organization

14/3, ul. 1812 goda, 121170, Moscow, Russia