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Sergey Amelin appointed as Catoca CEO

Sergey Amelin, former Deputy CEO of Severalmaz JSC, was appointed as CEO of Catoca Ltd Mining Co, a diamond mining company (32.8% owned by ALROSA) with operations in the Republic of Angola.

Catoca’s General Meeting decided to appoint the representative of ALROSA as CEO taking into account the company’s technological know-how in exploring and operating the greenfields. The appointment of Sergey Amelin was also approved by ALROSA’s Supervisory Board at the meeting on March 24.

Sergey Mitiukhin, ALROSA’s African projects Director, was appointed as acting CEO of Catoca as temporary arrangement in the expectation of the arrival of Sergey Amelin to Angola.

The former CEO of Catoca Jose M.A. Ganga Junior, who has run Catoca since the company started exploration in 1995, resigned due to change of occupation.

Catoca Ltd Mining Co conducts diamond mining operations in the Lunda Sul Province of the Republic of Angola. The shareholders of Catoca are ALROSA (32.8%), the state-owned diamond mining enterprise of the Republic of Angola ENDIAMA E.P. (32.8%), LL International Holding B.V. which belongs to China-SONAGOL (18.0%) and Odebrecht Mining Services (16.4%).

For twenty years ALROSA successfully cooperate with Angola in the Catoca joint mining project. In 2014, ALROSA and ENDIAMA established an exploration joint venture in Angola, assuming the high prospects for the discovery of new primary diamond deposits.

Sergey Amelin has been a Deputy CEO of Severalmaz JSC responsible for the operations since March, 2014. Earlier he held the position of Deputy CEO responsible for the operations at ALROSA-AFRICA CJSC and Deputy Head of Ore Processing Department at ALROSA CJSC.

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